Make practice fun with single and multiplayer games both local and online. Connect and compete in Practice Mode, play Arcade style games, and play with friends in online tournaments. 

The reason PUTTR will make you putt better is because it taps into your competitive spirit, and drives you to improve. Coach after coach has said that practicing with pressure drives improvement and prepares you to make putts on the course and under pressure.

The PUTTR experience makes practice fun with single and multiplayer games both local and online. PUTTR Club Members can connect and compete in all game modes and play with friends in online tournaments.

Arcade Games

  • HORSE - Just like the classic basketball game. The winner of the previous round calls their shot, and if they make the following players have to make it in order to avoid getting a letter. PUTTR has integrated voice activation for you to call your shot!
  • Cricket - The classic dart game reimagined for putting! Close your partner out on every putt before they do!
  • Pop-A-Shot - Inspired by the classic arcade basketball game, this game tests to see how many putts you can make in a short time frame.

Standard Games
Get into a great practice routine with pre-determined standard games with different difficulty and number of putts. Compete with your friends for high score and strive to set your own personal record.

Streak Games
A collection of games to test how many in a row you can make from each distance. Feel the pressure as you get closer and closer to your personal record.

Trending Games
A collection of games that are trending in your network. See what games are hot and give them a shot.

Your Games
PUTTR Club members have access to the "Creator" function, allowing them to create their own games and drills. Find the games created here, along with a difficulty rating of each one.