Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other at-home putting greens?

PUTTR is the first at home putting green to be seamlessly integrated with a mobile app. PUTTR increases practice effectiveness and enjoyment by gamifying your putting practice. PUTTR provides numerous games and drills, allows you to create your own, and connects you to a network of golfers to compete against.

What speed is the green?

We wanted Puttr to feel like tour greens, and the carpet rolls about a 11 on the STIMP meter.

Can I use my own putter and balls?

Yes! One of the most important design aspects when creating putter was to make sure that you can practice like you play. Use your own putter and your own preferred golf balls with no attachments or add on gear.

Where is Puttr available to be shipped to?

Puttr will ship to the USA, Canada, UK, EU and Australia starting in April 2022. We hope to ship to more countries in the future as our global electronic certification timeline becomes more clear.

How do I use Puttr, is it easy?

Yes! Using Puttr is as easy as the opening the door and plugging it in! Don’t worry, your Puttr will come with a full manual and companion app as well!

What are Puttr’s dimensions and weight?

The Puttr Box is 24" W x 12" D x 18” H or 610mm W x 305mm D x 458mm H. When the carpet is rolled out the unit takes 12x2 feet of floor space. Weight is currently 30 pounds / 13.6 kg.

Do I need a subscription to play PUTTR.

No, you do not need a membership to PUTTR Club to play PUTTR games. PUTTR Club will be mainly focused on community and instruction and will be an add on, however all Indiegogo backers will get 1 free year of PUTTR Club membership.

Do I use my own tablet / iPad?

Yes, you can use any iOS or Android device, mobile or tablet. We will even send you a PUTTR stand :) There is also a USB charger on the back of the box so you can charge the device while in use.

Will it work for leftys?

Yes! The return track is four pieces connected by magnet. While you're hitting short putts you use two, medium length putts you use three, and for long putts you can use four.